Romance Reviews

In February 2014, The Washington Post asked me to write a monthly romance review column for them. The idea was simple and awesome: I get to pick my favorite three new releases of the month and write about them.  

Here are the columns to date:

February 2014 - Cynthia Eden, Lorraine Heath, Jill Shalvis
March 2014 - Meredith Duran, Lori Foster, Juliana Stone
April 2014 - Bella Andre, Laura Lee Guhrke, Kerrelyn Sparks
May 2014 - Kristen Ashley, Dakota Cassidy, Sabrina Darby
June 2014 - Mary Balogh, Sara Humphreys, Sarah Morgan
July 2014 - Lily Everett, Sophie Jordan, Kate Noble
August 2014 - Kristen Callihan, Rachel Gibson, Monica McCarty
October 2014 - Maggie Shayne, Cara Connely, Jennifer Ashley
November 2014 - Lauren Layne, Emmy Curtis, Elizabeth Boyle
December 2014 - Jackie Ashenden, Megan Mulry, Megan Frampton
January 2015 - Tessa Dare, Kate Pearce and Katie MacAlister
February 2015 - Lily Dalton, Victoria Dahl, Courtney Milan
April 2015 - Tessa Bailey, Elle Kennedy, Julie Ann Long
July 2015 - Joanna Shupe, Alisha Rai, Elizabeth Hoyt
August 2015 - Lauren Willig, Gena Showalter, Lisa Kleypas
September 2015 - Emma Chase, Beth Kery, Shana Galen
October 2015 - Christina Lauren, Sonali Dev, Christi Caldwell
November 2015 - Eva Leigh, Valerie Bowman, Alyssa Cole
December 2015 - Kristen Callihan, Jennifer McQuiston, Lauren Layne
January 2016 - Loretta Chase, Kristan Higgins, Alexandra Ivy
February 2016 - Beverly Jenkins, Heidi Cullinan, Kelly Bowen
March 2016 - Zoraida Córdova, Cindy Gerard, Elizabeth Michels
April 2016 - Erika Kelly, Caroline Linden, Marian Perera
May 2016 - Lorraine Heath, Joanna Shupe, Mia Sosa
June 2016 - Madeline Hunter, Stacey Kade, Julie Ann Long
July 2016 - KJ Charles, Vanessa North, Santino Hassell & Megan Erickson, Alexis Hall
August 2016 - Amanda Bouchet, Sally Thorne, Kerrigan Byrne
September 2016 - Lenora Bell, Sarina Bowen, Fresh Romance
October 2016 - Rebecca Zanetti, Cat Sebastian, Cat Johnson, Kate Angela, Allyson Charles
November 2016 - Daughters of a Nation: A Black Suffragette Anthology
December 2016 - Piper Huguley, Nikki Sloane, Meredith Duran
January 2017 - KJ Charles, HelenKay Dimon, Emily Foster
February 2017 - Laura Griffin, Katee Robert, Farrah Rochon
March 2017 - Kit Rocha, Jennifer Armentrout, Sarah Title

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Before you pitch me, please read the parameters of the column: 

  • As of now (and for the foreseeable future) the column covers adult romance only. I do not review YA, women's fiction, historical fiction, literary fiction, etc. I do not review serial romance until it is complete and available as a full novel. While I do review erotic romance, I do not review erotica. Satisfying happily ever afters/happy for nows are required.
  • With extremely rare exceptions (it's only happened once), I review new release titles ONLY, typically in the last week of the month prior to release. i.e., if your book comes out in August, it is relevant for the late-July column. Books published mid-month, usually appear in the column for the month following release (i.e., if it is published after August 15th, it will likely appear in September's column). It is best for you to contact me 6-8 weeks before publication.
  • I do review self-pubbed romance. Self-pubbed books must be available through all channels, including all major e-booksellers. They must have an ISBN number.
  • I do not accept print review copies, but I love e-galleys. Please include a link to a downloadable e-galley (I'm on Netgalley and Edelweiss) below, or send me a terrific pitch, and I will respond with a request for a digital review copy. 

Have a book that fits the above and that you think I'd love? Tell me about it here: 

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