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Baltimore Book Festival

  • Maryland Science Center Lawn 601 Light Street Baltimore, MD, 21230 United States (map)

I'll be a part of three days of amazing romance programming on the Romance Stage of the Baltimore Book Festival this year! Come join us and help us bring romance to the Festival! 

Friday, September 22, 1pm
Writing About the Past: Historical Novels

With Hamilton: An American Musical, Outlander, The White Queen, The Crown, and other pop culture historicals, history has never been more present. Bestselling authors explore the challenges and rewards of writing in other times.
(With Katharine Ashe, Laura Kamoie, Sarah MacLean, Maya Rodale, Mary K. Tilghman, E. Elizabeth Watson)

Friday, September 22, 4pm
Feminism and Romance
Romance is a billion-dollar genre in the publishing industry, and is largely written by women for women. These bestselling and award-winning authors explore romance as a feminist genre.
(With Katharine Ashe, Robin Covington, Dawn Ibanez, LaQuette, Sarah MacLean, Maya Rodale & Moderator Elissa Petruzzi)

Saturday, September 23, 2PM
Love and Lies: Deception and Dishonesty in Fiction

Lies. Deception. Dishonesty. Bestselling and award-winning authors discuss how these elements can advance a plot, build characterization, create romantic conflict, and lead to a positive resolution. Sponsored by Avon Books. 
(With Katharine Ashe, Christi Barth, Tracey Livesay, Sarah MacLean, Alisha Rai, Maya Rodale, Mia Sosa & Moderator Laura Kaye)

Saturday, September 23, 4PM
Romance as a Political Genre

Is art political? Should artists be political? How does romance fit into the current political climate? Bestselling and award-winning authors tackle the tough questions examining the political side of fiction and romance.
(With Katharine Ashe, Harper Miller, Sarah MacLean, Alisha Rai & Maya Rodale)

Saturday, September 23, 5PM
Journey to the New York Times Bestseller List
They hit the New York Times Bestsellers’ list, and now they’re sharing their journeys, advice, tips, triumphs--and pitfalls--on the way to the top. 
(With Pintip Dunn, Laura Kaye, Sarah MacLean, Jasinda Wilder & Rebecca York)

Sunday, September 24, 2PM
The Craft of Writing

Bestselling and award-winning authors share their top craft tips and tricks to create books that will keep readers turning the page.
(With Christi Barth, Jamaila Brinkley, Sarah MacLean, Lea Nolan, L. Penelope, Nancy Weeks
&. Moderator Tracey Livesay)

Sunday, September 24, 3PM
How Accurate Does Your Historical Novel Have to Be? 
Bestselling and award-winning authors explore the challenges of research, readability, and fact in fiction in historical novels.
(With Laura Kamoie, Sarah MacLean, Diana Quincy, Maya Rodale, Joanna Shupe & E. Elizabeth Watson)