In Which Gaelen Foley Enlists Me for Important Work

All this week, over on the Avon Blog, Gaelen Foley is celebrating the release of her newest book, My Dangerous Duke by asking her author friends to choose a hottie they'd like to receive as a gift...and tell readers what they'd do with him first.  Gaelen's book begins with the heroine being given to the hero as a this is a literary exercise, you see...not a blatant ploy for man candy.

This is not an easy decision to make. One hottie? The first thing?  Hmmm....

Today I'm up, with the fabulous Kathryn Smith (who has a great choice!).  I gave Gaelen my answers last week...but this week has only solidified my choices: Eric Ripert & Jon Hamm.  Why?  Well...first, Jon Hamm was a final, awesome cherry on top of the ice cream sundae that was The A-Team.  If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I adored the A-Team...but Jon as CIA agent pushed it over into the realm of Favorite Movie Ever.

And Eric Ripert, the silver fox to end all silver foxes.  Well, this week he just made me love him all the more when he revealed his five most embarrassing moments as a chef to Eatocracy (click that link for nothing more than to swoon over those lovely eyes)...and then, to top it off, sat by on the sidelines grinning his gorgeous grin as Letterman screams "HAVE A CLAM!" at Regis Philbin.


Anyway...head on over to the blog for a chance to win signed copies of Kathryn's latest...and Nine Rules!

PS...this is why I know I have the right friends.  While many would say, "You have Eric Ripert in your house and you want him to cook for you?" when my friend Amanda read the post at Avon, her only response was, "You have Eric Ripert in your kitchen and you want fish stew? Not coq au vin?" heh.  Well, I suppose I'd sacrifice Bouillabaisse for coq au vin. If he'd like.