cupcakes have magic powers...

anyone who knows me knows that i really really like cupcakes. way more than big cakes. they're special, individual bits of sugary sweet love! you can have your own (helpful if you're a red velvet girl married to a chocolate guy)! and you can eat them in their entirety without feeling too guilty. cupcakes are a special new york thing. in other places, people make them for kids birthday parties and school events and bakesales. here, cupcakes are a religion. there are a few amazing cupcake bakeries here (we're talking about places that ONLY bake cupcakes. that's how serious they are: there's the most famous, magnolia bakery; the one with the prettiest cupcakes, cupcake cafe; and my favorite, Sugar Sweet Sunshine. As you can see, cupcakes are a serious business to me. :)

well, eric got invited ages ago to the IgniteNYC Cupcake Decorating Championship, which happened this week, and he FORGOT to tell me! Whaaa? I only discovered that this happened today, when the fantastic bre pettis posted some awesome photos of the event this morning! It looks SO fun...hosted in conjunction with the Cupcakes Take the Cake should rush over to flickr and check out the photos of all the entries...and the winners (The Biltons by Nick and Danielle)!  They look fun and silly and yes...even yummy.  

I vow I shall not miss this next year.  At least, not unless Eric forgets to tell me again!  
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