Writers on Rogues: Sophie Jordan on David Beckham

I make absolutely no secret of the fact that I love Sophie Jordan and have since her very first book came out, when I was just a romance junkie with a dream of being a writer. When I made the leap from YA to romance, Sophie was one of the first romance writers to welcome me into the family--and I had a tremendous friend crush from the start. In fact, I called my sister after our first lunch together and said, "This is officially the greatest job ever. Guess who I just had a burger with?!?" Well, several years, several hundred phone calls and a few RWA conferences behind us, Sophie's now not just a friend crush and favorite author, but also a friend. So, when I conceived of Writers on Rogues--she was my first email. Because if you can't ask your friends to talk about hotties on your blog, what can you ask them?! 

And then...when she told me which rogue she wanted to write about, well...obviously I was going to make room for this in the rotation!


When Sarah invited me talk about rogues I was like: sign me up!

Of course, I would do just about anything the fab-fab Sarah MacLean asked me to do! I’ve adored her ever since I met her on my first visit to NYC -- and then I read Nine Rules To Break When Romancing Rake. Safe to say, my love for her magnified! Ever since, I can’t get enough of her or her books! And her books – oh, my! I’m waiting with baited breath for A Rogue By Any Other Name, absolutely positive that the hero will be the most roguish rogue ever!

Heaven knows I love a good rogue. I’ve been reading them for years. Reading about great rogues is what made me want to write about them in the first place. They’re that perfect sexy bad boy that oozes danger … meaning not really bad at all, just misunderstood. At least in my book (er, books). All they need is the right woman to fight for and set them on the right and noble path. But before they’re set on that path? Ohhh, the naughty fun! There’s the story! The complexity, the drama, the emotion, the adventure. Er, and romance. Did I mention romance? It’s always about the romance.

Most of the heroes I write about in my British historical romances are rogues. Almost always tanned with perfect teeth … and muscled … and hot. I once had a friend point out how rare this eighteenth century British male specimen would be. Hm. Sure. Maybe. But I operate in fantasy. Although I write fiction, I like to use a little modern day inspiration. And who better than an Englishman to inspire me in creating my rogues of old?

Behold … a tanned, muscled Englishman with great teeth …

And behold again ….

And because you can never behold him enough…


There you have it! Inspiration to feed anyone’s notion of the perfect rogue! David Beckham just might be the most perfect rogue. Sure, there are others – like Colin Firth and Richard Armitage. I love them both. They’re beautiful – great in the role of hero … but they don’t possess the edge of a true rogue. David? He’s got the requisite edge. Hmm. Staring at these photos, I feel the sudden urge to invent a new rogue for a new book. What do you think?


Oh....drooooollll...David Beckham. I mean, is it really fair that he get so many of the good genes--talent, looks, and that bangin' body all together? I mean, it's fair for us...but for general humankind, that can't be best. David is the first sports rogue on the list, but there are SO MANY sports rogues! Is there one in particular who makes your heart pound? Share in comments for a chance to win a copy of Sophie's Wicked in Your Arms (US Only, winner to be chosen on Monday)!