Writers on Rogues: Sabrina Darby on George Sand

I love me some Sabrina Darby. Aside from being a fabulous writer of sexy romance (read On These Silken Sheets ASAP) and a coauthor of The Ballroom Blog, She's a dear friend (the first I made as a romance novelist), a wonderful critique partner and a brilliant mind. So I should not have been surprised that when I asked her to blog for Writers on Rogues, she came up with a truly fabulous rogue... A lady one.


A rogue of romance fiction is a unique character: wicked, lascivious, scandalous, and just waiting to be tamed by a very civilized yet still passionate love.

One of my favorite rogues is all those things and more. In fact, this rogue’s a she.

George Sand (the pseudonym for Armandine Aurore Lucile, Baroness Dudevant—a long, very feminine name suitable for romance book fame, complete with a title thanks to her estranged husband) was a French writer who, during her life, was almost more famous for her love affairs as for her novels. Likely this was due to the fact that many of the books she published were memoirs of her scandalous life. And that she liked to go about dressed as a man.


My favorite portrayal of George Sand is by Judy Davis in the wonderful movie Impromptu.

The film chronicles the beginning of Sand’s decade long love affair with Fredric Chopin (a young Hugh Grant), who, in the film’s depiction is the equivalent of the innocent, talented, and virtuous heroine of romance who is seduced by the rogue at the same time as convincing the rogue of the error of his ways. What I just adore, is that in this movie, whether or not the actual history was quite this way, the gender roles are completely reversed!

Here she is at the start of the movie where we learn how very roguish she is. (Note the wonderful Mandy Patinkin in the clip as her previous lover.)

I love stories where the woman is scandalous one pursuing the man. In fact, I’m writing one of those at the moment!


And I cannot wait to read it!!!

I told you Sabrina was awesome! Tell us...do you like it when the heroine acts as seductress? Or when she wears pants and defies social conventions of the time? What are your favorite romances that feature women as rogues? One lucky commenter (US only) will win a copy of Sabrina's amazing On These Silken Sheets!