Writers on Rogues: Kieran Kramer on...well, a lot of them.

Loving Lady Marcia coverKieran Kramer is one of the most fun, most funny, most fabulous women and writers I know...and I'm so thrilled that she agreed to take some time out of her exceedingly busy schedule to come share her views on rogues for Writers on Rogues! You all know Kieran from her (amazingly titled) books, When Harry Met Molly, Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the Right, Cloudy with a Chance of Marriage and If You Give a Girl a ViscountI am so very excited for her latest series: The House of Brady (yes...Regency-era Brady Bunch!!), to begin! The first book, Loving Lady Marcia, is out in September and I already have it preordered! Welcome, Kieran!


I have so many favorite rogues! My dog Striker thinks he’s one, but he’s neutered, so that’s impossible (I’m not going to tell him—he’d be very disappointed).

Riffing about rogues with my sister and my college-age daughter yesterday, I came to the conclusion that this is an excellent topic to discuss in a bar on Girls’ Night Out. We were saying such naughty things! We got into wonderful little squabbles about whether my rogue should be redeemable or not. We simply had to pour out glasses of red wine and gulp them down to say what we really felt about rogues. If we’d had cigarettes, we would have smoked them—it doesn’t matter that none of us are smokers. We were talking about rogues. The topic got so out of control, we had to dance to Selena Gomez’s “Love You Like a Love Song” just to work off steam, and then we prank called someone. Just for kicks.

I say some of the most delicious rogues aren’t redeemable. Could I have a “Hear! Hear!” on that? Because I certainly didn’t get one from my daughter (and I love that about her). My sister, God bless her—we’ve both been happily married to two good men for over 20 years apiece--understood my point completely.

So let’s start with an irredeemable rogue: Hugh Grant as Daniel Cleaver in Bridget Jones’s Diary. Give me Daniel Cleaver. Please. He can invade my personal space any time he’d like. I’m bad enough that I wouldn’t care that he’s a selfish jerk; I’d enjoy his snarky company that much. I’d pull him down by the tie when he’s leaning over my desk and lay one on him. Who cares about long-term when you’re with Daniel Cleaver, right? I need more Daniel Cleaver-ish people in my life. Actually, I don’t. I tend to choose friends of both sexes with a “devil-may-care” sort of character anyway. I’m very, very attracted to Daniel Cleaver types. Is that because I grew up such a good girl? Who knows? And who cares?

Let’s simply revel in his badness, shall we? Let’s not ruin Daniel by trying to redeem him.

So be your naughty, fun self, Daniel/Hugh. Talk to Jones’s skirt. Look sexy and promise with your eyes that all sorts of scandalous things are going to happen in your company.

And before I get too enrapt in remembering that fabulous bad boy, let’s move on to my two redeemable rogues: Joe Morelli and Mr. Rochester.

Joe is going to be Stephanie’s husband someday, I have no doubt. He’ll be a great baseball dad and take Stephanie out on obligatory dates without showing a whole lot of imagination in the process. He’ll forget about her when football comes on TV. But he’ll always have some bad boy in him, and just when Stephanie thinks he’s plebian and annoying, he’ll grab her in the right places, say something wildly original and sexy, and remind her she can’t pin him down so easily.

So in my alternate universe in which I’m the Lady With Many Paramours, Joe will be my Adorable Boyish Guy Who Becomes a Demanding Italian Stud When the Mood Suits Him. I ran out of time to discuss Mr. Rochester. Thinking and talking about rogues makes me restless. I have the urge to go to my favorite seedy bar and karaoke, even though it’s a school night. I’m even tempted to turn the volume up to 11 in my minivan on the way.

So I have to go.

But I love you, too--dear, cranky Mr. Rochester--you untamed beast with a wounded heart! Everything in me clamors to engage in sparring matches with you and win you over… Yet I could never win you over completely, could I? Nor Joe, nor Daniel. That’s what defines a rogue. We can never have all of him. It’s what makes him most alluring.

Thank you to Sarah for creating this wonderful opportunity for me to reflect on rogues and why we love them. I got quite a night out of it. After the rogue talk with my sister and daughter, my husband got to put up with me while I imagined I was the baddest girl on the planet and he was Daniel Cleaver. He was watching ESPN, of course, so his roguish qualities were temporarily suppressed, but a girl can dream, can she not?

And there are always commercial interruptions.



I love love love Kieran. She is so incredibly funny...and I 66% agree with her. Pro Daniel and Joe...decidedly anti Rochester, who is a whiny, horrible baby. There. I said it. So, that's always a fun topic...are you pro Rochester? Or against? Share in comments for a chance to win a copy of Kieran's If You Give a Girl a Viscount (US only).