Writers on Rogues: Katharine Ashe on Flynn Rider

It's pub-sister week here with Writers on Rogues! Yesterday, Maya Rodale and today, one of my very favorite people, Katharine Ashe, who is not only a fellow Avon author, a fellow March author and a  fellow The Ballroom Blog author...but we also share the same literary agency! We're also both bespectacled. And we both like men in kilts. We were obviously destined to be friends. Katharine's latest book, When a Scot Loves a Lady (amazing title, amazing cover, amazing book) is out this week...and you must must must go buy it!  Take it away, Katharine!


Because my new book When a Scot Loves a Lady came out this week (yay, Sarah, book release sister!) I must first mention here my two favorite Scottish rogues, both of them Roberts: Robert the Bruce, the 13th-century king who defied the English, and Robert Burns, the 18th-century poet and libertine whose poetry appears in When a Scot Loves a Lady. Bruce was a warrior, a rebel, and a hero to his people. Burns was brilliant, passionate, and very funny. But I can’t praise either of them to the rafters because they were both unfaithful to their wives and that Just. Will. Not. Do.

So instead of relying on history to serve up a rogue for me, I will turn to fairy tale. I choose as my rogue today my favorite animated hero of all time: Flynn Rider from Disney’s Tangled.

Why is Flynn Rider my favorite rogue? Because he is:




Dead set on his goal and he won’t let some little blond chick get in his way, no matter how wide her eyes or how determined her pleas.

Fearless. (Except when flying off a cliff, which of course is understandable.)


Kind at heart. (When he was a child he read stories to all the other children in the orphanage… about a swashbuckling hero!)

Adventurous and ambitious, but not to the point of hurting good people.

A dreamer who dreams big then makes his dreams come true.


Willing and able to change for the better, even to forget his own ambition entirely when it means helping the woman he loves to live her dreams.

There you have it! My favorite rogue.

Oh, and one more thing — the clincher, really: Flynn Rider is his secret identity. His real name is Eugene Fitzherbert. And at the end of the movie he reclaims his real identity without giving up any of the charming, adventuresome, swashbuckling fearlessness that makes him such a delectably dashing rogue. He does it because that’s the man his lady fell in love with. The man he always really wanted to be.

To this author of heroes with secret identities, that just about makes him perfect.


I honestly should not have been surprised to discover that Katharine's favorite rogue is Flynn...she talks about him...a lot. But who wouldn't? He's a charmer...and I have to be honest, Tangled might be my favorite animated movie...that is...until Brave comes out in the summer...speaking of Scotland...have you seen these trailers?? OMG. I die. SO GOOD. And this trailer is like the best beginning of a romance novel EVER.

Now that we've shared that...tell us! Who is your favorite animated hero? One lucky commenter (US Only) will receive a signed copy of Katharine's Captured By A Rogue Lord, which has been nominated for an RT Book Reviews Reviewer's Choice Award! Winner to be chosen on Monday!