Maya Rodale on Westley from The Princess Bride

I'm super excited for this edition of Writers on Rogues...Maya and I discussed her favorite rogues on the way to the Book Cove in Pawling, NY...and I can assure you there are few things more fun than a road trip conversation entitled, "Who's your favorite rogue?"

Maya Rodale is my fabulous, fun pub-sister at Avon...her most recent book, The Tattooed Duke (are you kidding me with that cover and title? Seriously? YUM), released on Tuesday alongside Rogue!

Even better, Maya and I are on the road this week! Tonight, we're with the incomparable Eloisa James at WORD Bookstore in Brooklyn, and for those of you in and around Lansing, MI, you can come meet us this Saturday at Schuler Books when we read with Katharine Ashe, Caroline Linden and Sophia Nash! Please join us!

But this fabulous post from Maya on a rogue we both love (a chance to win a signed copy of The Tattooed Duke, below!)


I was going to write this post about my husband, but he had a rare moment of modesty and humility and declined this amazing opportunity for me to rave about all his roguish qualities. Weirdo. So I shall write about my other favorite rogue. He was in a movie. You might have seen it once or twice or a thousand times. It’s called The Princess Bride.

The rogue in question is known simply as Farm Boy. Or the Dread Pirate Roberts. Or the man in black. Or Westley. He possess all the requisite rogueish elements:

1. Mystery. See above about all those names. Where did he come from?! Where has he been all those years?! How on earth will he manage to storm the castle in time to stop the wedding?!

2. Swashbuckling skills. Whether besting the best swordsman in the land, fighting a giant barehanded, climbing the Cliffs of Insanity without a rope or wrestling with an ROUS, he is the master.

3. A scandalous secret. If his secret about the Dread Pirate Roberts ever got out...oh, there’d be trouble! Mutiny! Any decent Rogue has some wicked secret in his past.

4. Bromance. Even more impressive, Westley makes friends with his previous foes, Fezzik and Inigo Montoya. They have different goals, but band together and support each other. Awww.

5. He says things like “As you wish.” All the time. Yes, it means “I love you” but it also means “Sure, honey, I’ll take care of that for you.”

6. Stoicism. The guy spends days being told “Westley I’ll most likely kill you in the morning” and shrugs it off. Buttercup is getting married and a horrible shrew to him and he steadfastly loves her and plots to win her. He survives torture by thinking of true love.

7. Humor. Even when he is locked in an underground torture chamber he still maintains his sense of humor. I’m all the more impressed, since my own sense of humor turns off after 9:00 pm.

8. Ability to come back from the dead. I think we can all agree this is an important life skill. Of course, it helps when one is either 1) not actually dead or 2) only mostly dead.

9. Dedication & Determination. Nothing will stand in his way! Not years of piracy, his beloved’s engagement, The Cliffs Of Insanity, Swashbuckling, the freaking Fire Swamp, nearly dying...storming the castle? He’s on it. Why? Because he has true love on his side....

10. True Love. For Westley it’s a once in century kind of love. It’s the reason. It’s protection. It just is.


That leaves us with one topic for comments: The Princess Bride is the Greatest Movie Of All Time. Discuss. Bonus: Have you ever read the book? It’s even better than the movie.

One lucky commenter (Chosen Monday - US Only) will receive a signed copy of The Tattooed Duke!