Mme. Hebert is a Star!

I'm taking a quick break from finishing Temple's book to share this TOTALLY COOL thing!

As you know, Madame Hebert is the French genius-of-a-modiste who has dressed (at one point or another) every one of my heroines, and their sisters (and my heroes' mistresses). Aside from having a special talent for dressing ladies of any size, shape or coloring, she's also well respected by the gentlemen of the Fallen Angel, seems...on Chase's payroll.

Hebert may be famous in the the 1820s & 30s, but we never expected her to time-travel. However, in the May issue of Real Simple magazine, right there on the table of contents page, Hebert earned her 21st Century street cred. I was totally surprised.

She, needless to say, is thrilled. There is much waving of hands and French excitement. NineRulesRealSimple