When Harry Met Sally...or...When Authors Meet Characters

I've started a new book and am in that wonderful place that I always seem to be in at the beginning of a project, when I can't stop thinking about my characters.

What would they eat for lunch, what movie would they want to see this weekend, what would be their favorite place in new york city, how would they write this email, do they like doing dishes or laundry better, that kind of completely insane mental excercise. :)

It's the beginning of the relationship, long before I can't imagine what they'd say in their scenes, before I wonder if they've revealed enough of themselves, before I get to the 200 page mark and think, do i even like these people? Instead, I'm just truly, madly, deeply for them, and I simply can't imagine there ever being another book, another hero, another heroine.

For the When Harry Met Sally fans out there (and I imagine there are a few)...suffice to say I'd take them to the airport anytime.

Does anyone else have this phenomenon at the beginning of a project?