this little piggy went to seattle

I am traveling in Seattle on business for 36 hours...traveling on business is never as fun as you think it's going to usually involves way more work than you thought you were going to do ( time to go to Pike Place Market or the Space Needle), it almost always means eating at the same restaurant for multiple meals in a row (although in this particular case, it's a GREAT Greek restaurant so, thank goodness for small favors.), and you miss your dog. And your husband.

But this trip takes the cake on not being as fun as I thought it would be. Besides the six and a half hour flight (have i mentioned i LOATHE flying?) and the two hour meeting this morning that turned into six hours of work on an ulcer-inducing project, I broke my toe. Yes. You read that right. I broke. My toe. My pinky toe. Who does that, you ask?

I do.

And I know it's lame and there's nothing I can do about it and I should just get over it and keep the damn thing elevated and iced and pop some advil and be a grown up, but first, ow. And second, wah. I'm in a hotel room in a city I've never been to (and one which I was really excited to visit) and I just want to lay around with my dog and watch Project Runway and be pampered and mooned over.


stupid seattle.