New York Renaissance: Liberty Island

As you know, I love me some Aaron Sorkin.  And I have been since before The West Wing (although that was the show that sealed the deal).  You see, I really really loved Sports Night.  Really.  At first, I fought against it, thinking it was a show about sports.  But then I watched it and realized that it was really a show about awesome.

Right there, in the first episode, Dan Rydell, played by the wonderfully talented (and easy on the eyes) Josh Charles, talks about his New York Renaissance. I've always loved this bit...because I've also always loved New York and now, 10 years into my time living in New York, I love it even more.  Because now, just as I'm supposed to be getting tired of New York, just like Dan, I'm having a New York Renaissance.

There are so many wonderful things about this city...dozens of museums, hundreds of fabulous restaurants, thousands of wonderful artists, Lady Jane's Salon Statue of Liberty.

Eric and I got tickets months ago to visit Liberty Island at sunset, meet Lady Liberty in person, and have a lovely dinner with a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline.

Here's the view once we got to the island:

and from dinner:

And here we are, Renaissancing together:

And the view on the ferry ride back to Manhattan, and real life (I love the clouds in this one):

The problem with being a New Yorker is that, all too often, we miss the chance to see all the amazing things that New York has to offer because they're "too touristy."  But not tonight.  Tonight, I feel like there's no such thing as "too touristy."

Well...maybe one of these.