my first dress fitting...

Writing about three wealthy girls from titled families in Regency London, it's pretty impossible to avoid writing about dress fittings. not only are they fantastic settings for scenes centered around the girls in my novel, they're also filled with one of my favorite topics--fashion. specifically, formal fashion.

let me be clear. i bemoan the fact that in the 21st century, there's not a whole lot of need for people to be fitted for ballgowns--the whole idea of having a skilled modiste wield her pins and needles and thread to make you the perfect gown that turns you into the perfect, most beautiful woman on Earth is simply too decadent to pass up...which is one of the reasons why I write about a time when ballgowns were as common as babydolls, and dukes and earls spun ladies in gorgeous satin concoctions across ballrooms lit with thousands of flickering candles. *sigh* (she pauses, imagining what that must have been like.) :)

in the book i'm working on, The Season, the girls wear some seriously gorgeous dresses. and they wouldn't be so gorgeous if it wasn't for the skilled needlework of a French modiste who takes her art very seriously. in my head, dressmakers have accents. thick ones. in my head, accents make for great fashion. who knows why. but that's the way it is.

so...flash forward to today when, in a very different part of my life, the part where i'm getting married and not writing a book, i had my first fitting for my wedding dress. there i was, stepping into a beautiful ivory gown, my best friend sitting behind me, and i realized that what they say is does imitate art. you see--the dressmaker, maria, is italian. and she has an accent.

so there i stood, being pinned and tucked and turned and bustled, and i couldn't shake the fact that this was my first dress fitting, i was wrapped in satin and lace and crinoline and, while the bride in me was sort of freaking out because this was it...the dress...THE dress, the author in me was just a little bit thrilled that i got to experience a small piece of the world i'm so happy to be writing about.