it's got a title!

so, it's been a while since i've written...well, here at least.  I've been working on the book almost every day--it's due December 1st to my fabulous editor, Lisa, but I'm trying to get it done before the wedding.  

Did I mention I'm getting married?  I am...October 6th.  Which is super exciting, super stressful, and super time consuming...but the end result is a good one--i get my very own hero, forever. (gag--i know--but he is pretty great) between finalizing the menu, addressing invitations and planning our honeymoon (to Greece), I've been working on the book, hoping to get it done two months early.  It will be a miracle if it happens...but either way, I'm having a blast with the characters--watching them come to be before my very eyes! 
And last week, my fabulous editor took me to lunch to welcome me, officially, to the Scholastic author list and there, over thyme lemonade at Mercer Kitchen, we titled the book!  So look for The Season at your local bookstore in Spring 2009!  After mulling over the title for the weekend, I really love it, and I'm super psyched that we're one step closer to the real deal! 
Next post...I can't talk much about the plot...but suffice to say that it should be juicy and fun with lots of gorgeous dresses, handsome boys, and exciting smooching!