Hi! I'm Sarah, calling from the Campaign for Change...

Neighbor to Neighbor enables you to talk to other people about Barack Obama and his vision for the future of our country.

In all states, you’ll be able to immediately start calling potential supporters. Once you select a campaign on the right, you’ll get a list of voters either in your state or in an important battleground state. You can pick up the phone and get calling immediately. Or if you’d prefer to call while you’re away from your computer, you can print your list and come back to enter your results.

I spent the day making phone calls for Barack Obama to voters in Pennsylvania. I did it in my jammies, with my dog curled up next to me on the couch and, while I was nervous about the first few calls, I actually had a really good time. Lots of wrong numbers and answering machines, but I got a few people who are “already voting for my guy” and a few who are still thinking. I also had some great, vibrant conversations with McCain supporters—respectful, even fun conversations that ended with us agreeing to disagree, and celebrating the fact that “only in America…”

If you have time, you should do it. It couldn’t be easier.

Visit my.barackobama.com to get your own list of people in swing states. I promise, after an hour of phone calls, you’ll have renewed your faith in America.