Down the Rabbit Hole to Book Awesomeness.

It's been a long time since I thought of this one...but in a fit of late-night procrastination that involved:

1) a search to see how likely it was that Sandra Bullock could be rewarded for her most recent pain and suffering (is that Jesse James a dillweed or what?!) with a marriage to George Clooney,

2) the discovery of this incredible timesuck (, and

3) realizing that Kevin Bacon was in a movie that I somehow have never heard of called Pyrates...

I remembered that I've always wanted to do a blog post about George MacDonald Fraser's book The Pyrates (no relation to the KB movie, which, I might add, looks awful). The Pyrates is one of those books that you read, you love, you reread, and you still love, but it's so different and so odd that you always forget to mention it when people ask you to name your favorite books.  Am I the only one who does this?  Please tell me I'm not.

It's hilarious.  And not in that, "Oh, that's funny" kind of way. It's uproariously funny and ironic and it's the perfect mix of classic hero and stereotype and history and Hollywood and...yeah...whatever I say here will not do it justice.  This, I promise you.  In this case, though, I will tell you that you can judge a book by its least, it's UK cover.  I bought my copy when I was in High School at a bookshop at Heathrow before I got on the plane to come home after a summer in England.  I bought it 70% for the cover and 30% for the cover copy.  Oh. And the title.  Because who doesn't love pirates?

Anyway...this one is in the must read pile.  You.  Must read it.