beautiful days

today is a gorgeous day...70 degrees and beautifully sunny...and i am, of course, trapped inside--a writer on deadline (we've all been there). 

poor baxter, my brown dog, is looking pathetic and sad--he's lying in front of an open window, listening to the sounds on the busy street, smelling the smells of one of the first days of spring. unfortunately, i've got obligations to alex, vivi and ella, so baxter is forced to suffer for my art along with me. :)
what he doesn't know is that i've got a surprise coming--one of his favorite people is about to knock on the door...lisa ann sandell, who is on her way over for a writing date. if you don't have writing dates yourself, i highly recommend them. 
lisa's a great friend, a fantastic writer, and it doesn't hurt that she's also inspiring, thoughtful, and a genius. her second ya novel, The Song of the Sparrow, is in bookstores now. it's a retelling of the story of The Lady of Shallot, from Arthurian legend, and it's lyric and beautiful and romantic. i'm not afraid to say i cried when i read the manuscript. 
i'm not just saying all this because she's my best friend. i'm saying it because it's true. for reals. anyway...we'll probably spend much of this afternoon chatting and being girly, but i'm working on a scene where three best friends are having an afternoon of doing the same, so it should all work out for the best.
and baxter will have another person to distract him from the fact that he's inside.