baxter the dog's no secret that i have a dog...baxter...who is my pride and joy and who i'm completely stupid over. seriously. he's my baby. and it's silly, i know...but just looking at him makes me 12-14 times happier than before i looked at him. :) here's a photo (yes, the nickel is there for scale :)):

he's a boxer/rhodesian ridgeback mix, we think...but because he's such a mutt, we call him a "brooklyn brown" which makes him sound like much more of a pedigreed dog. our wedding photographer understands his obvious breeding and took this glamour shot of him on the big day. i confess, it's my favorite shot in the whole bunch!

right now, b is sitting next to me on the couch, sweet and darling and not at all judging me for the fact that i'm on myspace instead of working on the next round of edits on the season. i'm in this funny place with the manuscript--I've done all the small things that my editor asked me to do, but now I have to bear down and do the real work. instead, i've been procrastinating, and not just on myspace. i've gone through the entire manuscript, changing a word here, a punctuation mark there. i've tagged the whole thing with little stickies where "big work" needs to be done. i've read and reread. but i haven't done a thing that needs to be done. i need to add a chapter, rethink a character, and hone the ending...and i haven't worked on that stuff at all. i'm such a slug!

maybe if the book had a sweet-faced brown dog, that would make it even better?

ok. now i'm REALLY going to work. REALLY. kick me out if you see me lurking around.