ani difranco is my muse tonight

a confession: i will never string words together the way ani difranco does. there are days when this depresses me because, as a writer, it's my job to string words together well. but most of the time, her genius inspires me and pushes to strive to be a better, more thoughtful wordsmith.

consider my favorite of her songs, You Had Time, which, captures in the most beautiful way the emotional turmoil you go through when you know you will disappoint the person in your life who you love the most.

how can i go home
with nothing to say
i know you're going to look at me that way
and say what did you do out there
and what did you decide
you said you needed time
and you had time

you are a china shop and i am a bull
you are really good food and i am full
i guess everything is timing
i guess everything's been said
so i am coming home with an empty head

wow. is it any wonder she's my muse tonight?