Yay! The New York Post likes me!

Just a quick one today...as I'm in and out of the apartment...but I just had to share this!

At 10:45 this morning, my phone rings...it's a friend from work. Not exactly the phone call one expects to receive on Saturday morning. (I *expected* to receive a call from my sister, who seems to have gone AWOL and never answers her phone...but that's another story altogether)

The call goes something like this:

SARAH: Hello?
SARAH'S FRIEND: Ohmigod. You're in the NEW YORK POST!
SARAH: Wha?!
SARAH: What? Why?
SARAH'S FRIEND: You seem less intelligent than usual.

**cue hanging up, grabbing 75 cents in nickels from my money jar and running downstairs in my pajamas to the deli to buy the paper.

And lo and behold, I am, indeed, in the New York Post! Right there, under the lovely headline: Hot New Titles for Tweens & Teens!

Bless Rupert Murdoch and his big, conservative head!