Tis The Season for Paperbacks!

Dear Sir or Madam, 
Will you read my book? 
It took me years to write, will you take a look?  

June snuck up on me I will confess!

But! It's here now, and I'm very very happy to announce the arrival of the paperback edition of The Season! "But Sarah," you say, "I already read The Season in hardcover!" To you I say, there's a little bit of added historical interestingness at the back of this version, so at least make a point of picking it up and checking out the info on titles and nobility the next time you're in the bookstore.

And...hark!  I hear others of you crying, "But Sarah! I only read your naughty romance novels!" Well, all I can say to you pervs is that sometimes your dirty minds need a rest.  Or, sometimes the teenagers in your life need a sweet, historical romance for themselves!

At any rate...my very first book is out in the world, softer and more pliable than the first time she made an appearance.  If you see her...cosset her.  And please take a picture for the map.

Here's a Beatles video for your trouble!