Fine Arts Foundation Debutante Ball

As many of you know, THE SEASON tells the story of three girls' during the London Season of 1815.  Alex, Ella and Vivi are seventeen, daughters of wealthy aristocrats, and members of the ton--a french term used to encompass the best and brightest of London society. All these factors make them ideal least, on paper.

What many don't know is that the "Season"--and particularly the Debutante Ball--is still very much alive and well...on both sides of the Atlantic. Periodically, I hope to feature some of the young women who continue to take part in this old and revered tradition here at remind myself (and my readers) that girls like Alex, Ella and Vivi aren't so hard to find after all.

For example, in Debutante News this week...

The Denver Fine Arts Foundation released what seems to be an incredibly talented group of young debutantes into Denver society this week at the organization's 2008 Debutante Ball, held at the University of Denver. There are some AMAZING photos of the Denver event over at I'm not sure how long they'll stay up...but they're worth a look! My favorite is the father/daughter waltz shot, but the first & second escort shot is pretty impressive as well.

A play-by-play of the event is available at Joanne Davidson's society column in the Denver Post, complete with info on the receiving line, the father-daughter waltz, and dinner...filet mignon & oreo cheesecake. I promise you, if I'd known I was in for cute boys in tails and white gloves and that kind of meal, i would have begged my parents to move to a city that had a cotillion.

I found this story of new debs Brittany and Lindsey McMorris particularly charming--Brittany and Lindsey are twins...both presented by an exceedingly proud father with the help of their first escort--who also happened to be their brother--Brock. How sweet!

Suffice to say, Denver Debs are having a great week. Welcome to society, ladies!