You may have noticed that some things have changed on the blog in the last few days--we've gone from dark, musty blog to new, improved, creamy awesome website!  With clickable header links (look up)! And fancy sidebars (over there --->)!

I have to thank the amazing Jennifer Wu for her help in making it as gorgeous and functional as it is...I'm particularly fond of Jen's amazing idea to change the headers on these pages!

For those of you who, like me, hate change, I think you'll find that everything you liked about the former MacLeanSpace is still here...along with some more simple navigation (and some lovely room for growth...and growth is good, right?) This website has been a long time coming--go around!  Revel in the new pages!  And the lovely links!

Of course, there's nothing worse than discovering that you've spent two hours at a party with your skirt tucked into your panty if you find something that doesn't work...comment here so we can fix it, and thank you thank you for being a part of the newness!

Stay tuned...all month long, I'll have guest authors joining me to celebrate the release of Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart (out in only THREE WEEKS! GAH!)!