Design Features to Avoid on your Website

Today, I was thinking about splash pages for websites. You know the things I'm talking about, those static (or flash) intro pages that require an extra click to get to anywhere on the site that you might actually find something of interest. And I put my thought into the world with a simple tweet:

I don't like splash pages (which is what I meant by landing pages above). They're unnecessary and a waste of time, as far as I'm concerned. And I was happy to see that I am not alone. Sarah Wendell and Micol Ostow and others also dislike splash pages and want them to go away.

And then things started to get interesting. Because apparently people dislike a lot more than splash pages. And they want to be heard.'s a list of things you should think twice about before you add them to your website:

FLASH INTROS: @bottledgoose - Flash intros are the frooits of the devyil. THankfully they are finally starting to go the way of the dodo thanks to iThings. @ElyssaPapa - oh, god, hate Flash websites with the passion of a 1,000 suns. @AnaFarrish - I don't like [splash pages], especially if they have flash or a movie, or something else I have to skip to get where I want to go. @laurakcurtis - Oh, goodness yes...keep the flash away!! @kdubtweeting - RE: Flash Intros. SO 2000's. Everyone did Flash intros when they first came out. BORING --They are annoying!

AUTOMATIC MOVIES & MUSIC: @amandahebert - weird background music that automatically starts playing. @ElyssaPapa - automatic playing trailers. @katelinnea - Hate any autoplaying sound or video. @kierstenkrum - And music! RT @sarahmaclean: I also feel that way about flash intros. Fastest way to get me to leave your site.

NO SEARCH, NO STAY! @katelinnea - Oh, oh, I also hate when sites don't have search boxes! And when it's difficult to navigate archived posts/articles!

SLIDE IN ADS (THE ONES THAT BLOCK TEXT) @RonHogan - Ads that slide in over your content so you have to click them closed if you want to read anything. @LaurieBLondon - Slide in ads are my biggest pet peeve! I usually click out of the website entirely and try never to go back.

HIDDEN TABS & BUTTONS @margomaguire - Tabs that aren 't obvious. @Gwenda - Buttons that are cleverly hidden until you mouseover. Navigation should be easy.

IMAGES OF TEXT: @bottledgoose -  As someone who does this for a living nothing fills me with more rage than images of text rather than actual text. There is no excuse to have imaged text when these are readily available:

FRAMES & TABLES @aislinn_mac -  as long as we're talking old-school... Frames! @JenniferRNN - Table layouts! Please use CSS for layout.

ESPECIALLY FOR AUTHORS @ElyssaPapa - no book descriptions. Just a list of book titles. (maybe a sort of what is missing?)

I'm happy to say, I don't think I have any of these things on my website. (*phew!*)

But here's your chance to vent! What are your web-based pet peeves?