Romances with Jewish Main Characters

A few weeks ago, as the romance internet discussed a deeply problematic book in the genre (I encourage you to read more about that at Katherine Locke's tumblr), I realized that I was able to name more romances with were-bear heroes than I was able to name romances with Jewish main characters. Luckily, Twitter was there to fill the gap in my romance knowledge. I didn't want those recommendations to disappear into the Twitterverse, so I culled them into a reading list for myself--and for you, if you'd like it! Here are the recommendations that Twitter provided, in no particular order. Full disclosure: I haven’t read many of these, but I’m working on it! What other books must not be missed? 

KJ Charles, Think of England (m/m)
Rose Lerner, True Pretenses 
Liz Carlyle, Never Deceive a Duke 
Hope Tarr, Tempting 
Eva Ibbotson, The Morning Gift (WWII)
Carola Dunn, Miss Jacobson’s Journey
Nita Abrams’s The Spy's Kiss
Alyssa Cole's 'Let it Shine,' a romance short in The Brightest Day: A Juneteenth Historical Romance Anthology

Lora Leigh, Maverick 
Deirdre Martin, Chasing Stanley 
Sarina Bowen, Blonde Date (new adult/novella)
Allison Parr, Imaginary Lines (new adult)
Yeal Levy, Starstruck (2 love stories in one book)
Peggy Bird, Lights, Love & Latkes (novella)
Megan Hart, Naked (and more) (erotica)
AJ Pine, If Only (new adult)
“All of Susan Isaacs’s books” 
Astrid Amara, Miracle of the Bellskis (m/m)
Sarah Wendell, Lighting the Flames 
Tiffany Reisz, The Siren (erotica)

Gini Koch’s Alien Series (sci-fi/romance series)
Simone Elkeles’s How to Ruin series (YA)
Heather Rose Jones, License to Ensorcel (urban fantasy)

Also, check out these awesome lists at Goodreads, Heroes & Heartbreakers & Smart Bitches Trashy Books (thanks to Rose Lerner for the heads up!).