What do Goethe, Dostoyevsky & Austen have in common?

At first glance, not much...but when you see what the Pawling Book Cove has scheduled for the afternoon of November 14th in Pawling, New York, it all becomes awesomely clear!

I'm super excited to announce that I'll be signing with the hilariously awesome Michael Northrop and the incredibly talented Dina & Daniel Nayeri at that very place at that very time! I will say that Gentlemen and Another Faust were two of my favorite 2009 books...and I'm honored that the Book Cove has included me in this sure-to-be terrific event!

Michael says that Pawling is a great little town...and I believe everything he says. Also, I know for a fact that upstate New York in mid-November can be gorgeous (as long as it's not rainy and frigid)...so if you're in the area, please consider a trip up on Metro-North (or down, left or right via other modes of transportation) and come hang out with us for the afternoon!