Two Big Weeks! Join Me!

Somehow, April snuck up on me.

I'm not sure how that happened--it came after March, as per usual, but I think somewhere between a winter with no snow and a book out in February I just forgot that time marches, and that April was coming. But now, it's here. And I'm traveling like mad for the next two weeks, and wondering if my suitcase is big enough.

This week begins with Brooklyn, meanders through Chicago (for my first Romantic Times convention) and Western Massachusetts (where I get to spend a whole 24 hours on the campus of my alma mater), and ends in Ridgefield, CT with what is destined to be an awesome chat with Julia Quinn & Eloisa James about romance--where I hope to debunk the silly myth that New Englanders don't read romance. Come on. Seriously?

(Get all my tour dates in the Find Sarah section of the website!) 

Then I'm in New York for a few more days--just long enough to lull Baxter (and Eric) back into a false sense of security--and then I'm off to Erie, PA for the Penn State Behrend Gender Conference. I'm super excited to be keynoting the conference with a (FREE! Open to the public!) talk called "Real Heroines Rip Their Own Bodices." I'm always jazzed when academics want to talk romance...and when they want to hear me talk about romance, I'm even more jazzed!

My plan is to talk about the history of romance, the power that the genre has as one written by women, for women, the way the content of the books speaks to the state of the sexual revolution (40 years in), and the way society uses descriptors like "mommy porn" and "smut" to both shame us into resisting our sexuality and keep us in our proverbial place. I'll be using badass heroines as examples of why romance strikes fear in the hearts of many, and taking questions from the audience.

Interested in being a part of the talk, but not near Erie? Leave me a comment and tell me about a personal experience you've had with judgement of romance, or tell me about a badass heroine who you love beyond measure!

If you're close to Erie...please join me! 12:30pm on Friday, April 20th at the Smith Chapel on the Penn State Erie campus. I'll be signing books afterward!