New England Excitement with Eloisa James & Julia Quinn!

Do you all remember a few weeks ago when I promised you that there were excitements afoot (aside: I love the word afoot. I wish there were more cause to use it in 2012 without sounding like you just stepped off a time machine. But I digress. We were talking about excitements.)? Anyway. In that post, I told you that I was going on tour for the launch of A ROGUE BY ANY OTHER NAME through the spring (and even into the fall as we edge up on the release of ONE GOOD EARL DESERVES A LOVER), and I said: "(psst! If you’re in Connecticut or Boston, stay tuned…because something exciting is brewing for you guys…which I do not want to jinx!)"

Well...I did not jinx it! And the excitement in question has been fully brewed!

I am so so so excited to announce that I'll be doing two events in New England alongside two of my very favorite authors ever!

* On Thursday, April 5th at 6:30PM, I'll be at Flora Restaurant in BOSTON with the fabulous Eloisa James!


* On Sunday, April 15, from 5-7pm, I'll be at the Ridgefield Public Library in RIDGEFIELD, CT with Eloisa James and the amazing Julia Quinn!

I can already hear you squeezing, and what I have to say to that is: I KNOW!!!

For more information on these events, check out the Sarah on Tour Page.

Now, if you're a New Englander, there's something you should know. It's generally accepted that you don't read much romance. To that I say, Whaa? Because I'm also a New Englander. And I read A LOT of romance. So I know you're out there. And even more, I know you love Eloisa and Julia as much as I do. So please please come out and meet us...and let's talk romance! Oh, who am I kidding? Eloisa and Julia will talk romance. I will stand by the wayside and bask in the glow of their awesome.