Kresley Cole's Lothaire -- Guest Post from Sarah's Sister Kiki

Not long ago -- wait...very long ago -- two years long ago! My sister came on the blog to post her Must Read Paranormal Romances as part of my Read More Romance series. She swore she would return to review her favorite Paranormals as she read them...and, well, it seems that time got away from her, because she hasn't been back...until today! But I guess it takes a book this good to get her to return and blog! So...take it away Kiki! 


You may remember that nearly two years ago I posted my top 9 must-read paranormal romances in honor of my sister’s blockbuster hit – Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake. Well, I’m back to celebrate my sister’s upcoming release – A Rogue by Any Other Name – the first book in the Rule of Scoundrels series.

You may ask why this book, of all the books she’s written since Nine Rules, has pulled me back to guest blog? Because, drum roll, she’s brought her amazing talent oh-so-close to the genre of paranormal.

(Editor's note: What?! -- runs off to check the manuscript for vamps and ghouls) 

Historical fans, don’t despair! There are no vampires or were-shifters or ghosts or goblins. Instead, there is a fantastically dark, yummy, in the genre of paranormal romance, hot-ty-hot of a hot hero [fist pump, yay!]. He has all the elements of the perfect anti-hero – he’s dreamy, just a little angry, and in need of more than a little salvation. And, who best to provide it than his heroine, Penelope? Props sister mine for creating a hero that rivals the best of JR Ward, Gena Showalter, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Meljean Brooks, Ilona Andrews, and Kresley Cole’s most recent, Lothaire (More about him in a bit).

(Editor's note: Good lord. Those are big words. But she's my sister, and very biased.)

Let’s be honest, the irredeemable anti-hero is not commonplace in the Historical. I imagine it’s a little hard to be all dark and broody while performing the mincing steps of a quadrille. To be sure, Michael and Penelope’s path is not an easy one, but their HEA is well worth the journey! And, my sense is that their story is only the beginning.

(Editor's note: Shush.)

Ooops, must stop before I give too much away – alas, MacLean readers, you must wait until February 28. But, to tide you over, let me suggest a fantastic paranormal read by the ever more fantastic Kresley Cole.

In my previous guest blog, I waxed poetic (well, I like to think it was poetic) on the amazing talents of Kresley Cole’s No Rest for the Wicked. Well, she’s back with her best yet! Lothaire. You want to talk dark, irredeemable, bad-ass of a hero? Let’s talk Lothaire. He’s the king of all bad boys, and definitely not for the faint of heart (sigh - be still mine!). In the vein (pardon the pun) of the perfect anti-hero, Lothaire has tread a sordid path through Cole’s Immortals After Dark series.

By turns - wicked and evil - Lothaire challenges the reader to commit to his story, both past and present. You will find yourself booing and hissing at his evil ways (teaser, sending your beloved to prison does not a happy relationship make), and at other times, sighing and offering a soft sniffle at his quiet moments of self revelation. His story is complex, and his path twisted. His heroine is deceptively simple, with a hidden core of steel that reveals itself at the most perfect moments. By the end, you will feel a little like you’ve been through an epic pilates workout – achy and tired, but remarkably satisfied that it all ended as it should.

So, I leave you with two thoughts: (1) the most satisfying romance should involve a little work – while nattering around the edges of a ballroom can be amusing, a truly great romance will leave you thinking after you turn the last page; and (2) there is nothing more satisfying than witnessing the redemption of the anti-hero, whether Lothaire or Michael.


Wow. So, looks like she loved it! As I confessed back in 2010, I don't read near enough I've got to start Kresley's series. Do you read paranormals? If so, have you read Lothaire or any of the Immortals After Dark series? If not, what keeps you from them...and are you willing to give this one a try? One commenter will win your choice:  No Rest for the Wicked to start you on your journey, or Lothaire to keep you moving! We'll choose the winner on Wednesday!