I will have the penne alla arrabiata

confession. i love eddie izzard. in a borderline freakish way. i think he's one of the funniest people ever to walk the planet. seriously. maybe because there's just a little bit of the dork in him--he tells jokes about henry viii and the great escape and star trek and how grandmas defy the angel of death.

eric and i saw him not long ago play a smallish venue in new york city where he told the longest-ever joke about a giraffe i'd ever heard. and i swear i almost peed my pants. long story short, the giraffes hid from tigers by pretending to be the eiffel tower. weird? sure. hi-larious? most definitely. incidentally, my mother would be horribly embarrassed if she saw i just used the phrase "peed my pants." but, getting past that, if you haven't heard of him and are willing to try him just because i tell you to...groovy.  start with dress to kill. i SWEAR it's worth it. 

so...my gift to you today is this...eddie izzard's vision of the "death star canteen" (yes. that death star.) as reenacted by lego characters.

thank you, internets.