Romancing the Veep...

Don't miss the fabulous Carrie Feron's post over at the Avon Books blog today...she's tackling the break-up du jour, Al & Tipper Gore.

Carrie is fearless and does not shy away from the serious business of romance. Like editing my books. Or Vice Presidential marriage counseling.

But she's got a point...if married couples can reconcile in romance novels, why can't real life marital strife be solved with a good dose of romantic fiction? Well, the Dr. is in...and she's requested a consultation with the big guns, prescribing Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Eloisa James and Jude Deveraux for Al & Tipper.  And Eloisa's already got their motivation for getting back together all worked out.

After all...two people who kiss like this (1:28 seconds in, and barely safe for work, team) can't really stay apart for good, can they?