On inspiration...part II

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm feeling particularly uninspired this week...partially because of crazed busy-ness (and business) at my day job, partially because I was a terrible procrastinator over the last few weeks, and partially because it's January and isn't everyone just a little bit uninspired in January?

Anyway...I have to snap out of it...and I figured I'd take a moment to tell you about my relationship with Strauss. Yes...that Strauss. Johann Strauss, Jr. The king of the Waltz, composer of dance music--the Madonna of his time. Yes...he looks like a madman, all woofy haired and pork chop sideburns, but he created some of the most incredible dance music in history.

Don't believe me? Try listening to Voices of Spring and you tell me if you aren't struck by a desire to put on a gorgeous dress (or a long-tailed tuxedo) and whirl across a ballroom, arms around some stunning partner. When you write romance, that kind of desire is EXACTLY what you need to get lost in your story...and it is Strauss, and only Strauss, who can put me in that zone. So, I write regency and he wasn't born until 1825...what are a few decades between friends?

I write exclusively to Strauss...hours and hours of his waltzes on endless repeat still haven't gotten old...and he's never let me down. When I'm not able to focus on the words or on the story or on the characters, it's almost always because I don't have my headphones on. And so...while the first strains of the Blue Danube Waltz begin as I write this sentence, I realize I have to go. I have writing to do.

But before I do...I have to ask. What music inspires your writing? And why?