I'm Teaching a Romance Class!

I'm so super excited about this, I seriously can't wait. You may remember that back in June I was asked to teach a three-week intensive workshop on "first-meetings in romance" for MediaBistro's Online Literary Festival. It was super fun and I read some FABULOUS first meetings that I hope will turn up in romance novels very very soon.

Well, they liked me enough to ask me to develop a brand new class for Media Bistro's online writing school -- Romance Novel Writing!

The class is all online (so you can take it from anywhere in the world), and runs for 12 weeks with evening chat sessions at 9pm ET on Wednesdays beginning September 12th! The syllabus is here, if you want to take a look, and I've already written my first few lectures (On "The Rules of Romance," "Creating Unique Characters," and "Building Chemistry") -- I'm so excited! The goal for students is to leave with 150 pages (or so) and a full outline of a romance novel that you'll be ready to finish and shop in the Spring!

The class is going to be awesome -- I just developed the reading list for it (which I'll post on the blog somewhere, too), and people taking it are running the gamut of subgenres of romance. If you've got a manuscript in progress, or an idea you've been cooking, or you need a kick in the pants to write, please join me!

EDIT: WOW! The class is full now, but I'll be teaching a new one in January...All the info is at the MediaBistro site. Hope to "see" you then!