i’m done! now what?

I finished the first draft of The Season and turned it in to my editor last week...so exciting and nervewracking and terrifying and sad all at the same time! It's an amazing feeling to be done. I know I have loads of work still to come...it's by no means perfect...but it's a story, with an arc, with a beginning, middle and end, with characters I love and lines that make me laugh (and smooches that make me sigh).

I'M DONE!! And so ridiculously proud of it. Even though I know that what ends up bound and on sale will be vastly different and (knowing my editor) infinitely better, there's something about *this* version that I think will always be dear to me.

You'd think that once the book is written the hard part is over...but honestly? it just feels like it gets harder from here.

I woke up this morning with the first scene of the second book in my head. That's the REALLY scary part...now I'm starting to feel like writing is in my blood. like i couldn't stop, even if no one ever wanted to read this book and i never had another published.

As I wait for my editorial letter, which won't come until the beginning of January, I'm thinking about so much--what will the jacket look like? will we find someone who likes it enough to give us a blurb for the back cover? will anyone buy it? will readers fall in love with the characters the way I have? is this the beginning of an exciting chapter in my career or the end of a particularly remarkable chapter of my life?

It's out of my hands now...and whatever happens from here on out, I really don't have much control over it! Anyone who tells you they don't believe in fate has never written a book. That's for certain!

I'm going to try to blog more, now that I have much more free time...I'd love to hear your thoughts!