Give to a Good Cause. Get Something Fab!

There are lots of cool things about being a romance novelist: publishing with a company you've been logo stalking for your whole life; becoming friends with romance novelists you've admired for ages (I'm looking at you Sophie Jordan); oh, yeah...writing books for a living...

But today I'm feeling particularly happy to be a part of a huge community of writers, agents, editors and others in romance who have come together to raise money for an important cause - Diabetes research.  The incredible Brenda Novak runs an annual online auction to raise money for a cure for diabetes.  Her ridiculously adorable son (see photo - I mean, come on, is that kid cute or WHAT?!) was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes several years ago, and Brenda marshalled the troops--and these are some top-notch troops!

Authors, editors, celebs and others donate everything from books to goodies to meals to manuscript critiques to the of last year, Brenda raised more than $700,000 during the six years she's been running the fundraiser.  This year, the goal is to top $1,000,000.  To do that, she needs you.

Here are some things you can bid on that sound particularly awesome:

1. OMG LUNCH WITH ELOISA JAMES. A-hem. Yes. You can have lunch with the fab Eloisa James at RWA this year.  If you win, can you ask her if the Earl of Mayne is based on someone real? Because I honestly would leave my husband for him. No. I'm kidding.  Not really. Yes. Really. Mayne, call me. 

2. Career counseling (for you and three friends) with Elizabeth Hoyt. Uhm. If I had Elizabeth Hoyt's career, I would be very very happy.  So, yeah.  You want this. I'm assuming this is particularly good if you want to be a romance novelist.  Not, like, a dental hygienist. 

3. A Star Trek photo, autographed by William Shatner!!! Ok, I know it's weird.  But I seriously LOVE William Shatner.  Love him. This makes me all fangirly.  It should make you fangirly, too.  

4. Evaluation of a Proposal by the amazing Tessa Woodward at Avon Books... Tessa is amazing... and I know from personal experience that she also happens to be brilliant. If you're serious about your work, she's the person to share it with. 

5. This one sounds so fun!  A Victorian Tea Leaf reading set from Deanna Raybourn...including everything you need to prognosticate with the leaves in your favorite cup.  

And, yes...I'm in the mix, too.  I'm happy to offer a 50-page manuscript critique to anyone who thinks my two cents are worth...well...more than two cents.

It's a great cause, y'all.

Get out there. Bid. Change the world.