theater...or theatre?

For Christmas, Eric gave me tickets to The Farnsworth Invention, a new Broadway play by Aaron Sorkin staring Hank Azaria and Jimmi Simpson. I should tell you that I am OBSESSED with Aaron Sorkin. I think A Few Good Men is an amazing move...I think Sports Night is the greatest television show ever made, followed very closely by The West Wing...and, in general, I covet Sorkin's ability with the written word.

I would have wanted to see this play no matter what it was about because of my unhealthy love of all things Sorkin, but that desire was enhanced by this--the first time I'd ever heard of Philo Farnsworth, the inventor of the television, was from Sorkin himself--on a fantastic episode of Sports Night during which William H. Macy regales a group of people with the story of Philo's brother in law, Cliff Gardner, who didn't understand a thing about chemistry or physics or engineering, but recognized that Philo would need glass tubes, and taught himself to blow glass to help him. That reference was designed to impress upon people the importance of finding the talent in every person, but it's always inspried me.

But...getting back to the Farnsworth Invention...what a remarkable play--the performances were incredible; Hank Azaria blew me away...and the story (which could have been a real snore considering it was, at its core, about a patent battle between Farnsworth (the person who invented the television) and David Sarnoff (the guy who started NBC and put a television in every house)) was amazing--telling, instead, the story of a brilliant young inventor and the invention that changed the world...while destroying him in the process.

More importantly, though, the play explores the question that we've all asked ourselves hundreds of times..."what if we could do it all over again? would we change anything?"

I would love to say I wouldn't change anything...but I have to imagine that if I did some serious soul-searching, I'd change quite a bit. What about you?