Spirit Fingers!

A confession. I am a true sucker for cheesy teen movies, which probably isn't such a surprise to those of you who saw my altogether too serious critique of How to Deal.

This weekend, my in laws are in town from Fresno, California and, thanks to my Seattle mishap, I'm locked in my apartment, foot elevated and icing while my hubby and his rents are tooling around Brooklyn. In a few hours, I have to get up and start working on dinner, because we're having our bffs over to introduce his fam into our world (I'll let you imagine how that goes). But I'm in my own little heaven watching a Bring It On marathon. Yes. Marathon. That's 4 movies, three of which went straight to video. Even worse--watching it on ABC Family, so every even remotely bad word is replaced. Which makes it particularly bad...but I don't care. Because when Sparky Polaski comes on screen with his spirit fingers, I just can't resist.

Does this make me less of a person? You can tell me the truth. I can take it.