Royal Love

Right now, I'm watching VH1 Classic Albums...something I would probably NEVER watch if I didn't live with a musician. I, of course, opened my laptop, checked email, surfed the web, played around on myspace, not really paying attention to a vast documentary on Queen. But WOW! What an incredible tv show!

I've always liked Queen...Bohemian Rhapsody is, I think, one of the greatest songs ever made...but I didn't know anything about them. What was there to know? A few guys with big hair made A Night at the Opera and inspired my mom to like rock music.

This is all true...but what I didn't know is that these guys cut albums for months and months, laying down multiple layers of tracks. guitar solos in triplicate. vocal arrangements for dozens. they played all the parts of a dixieland jazz band on a GUITAR. Then they put them all together and made music. not just music...the music we all think of as being Queen. Operatic...Rock...Glam Metal. WTF??

Here's the thing that really gets me. Mercury (who was raised in India, and wasn't British at all), while he was gay, had a common law wife who he considered to be the love of his life. They never had a romantic relationship, but they were two people who loved each other deeply, inspired each other, and chose to spend their lives together.

What a wonderful concept...the idea that a powerful friendship holds equal weight to a powerful romantic love. There's no reason, really, why this shouldn't be the case. Why shouldn't the two be equal? Who are we to prioritize one type of love over the other? Anyone who has ever spent a night lying awake laughing with their best friend knows what I'm talking about.

So I'm raising my glass to my incredible friends...who have made my life richer, more full, more incredible. I'm blessed to have Eric, sure. But no more blessed than I am to have them.