One Day You're In...

FINALLY!  Project Runway Season 5! WOOT! 

Oh, Tim Gunn, how I have missed you, my pet!  
These designers are Teh Whack. (Who names themself Suede? Doesn't that seem a little too obvious for a fashion designer?) I don't care.  I've been waiting FOREVER for this to be on! My toe is already feeling better.  
Here's my question, though.  Have these people not watched this show before?  Not only is the Gristedes challenge a repeat from Season One, you're asked to select your materials from a SUPERMARKET and you choose tablecloths?  WTF?  Isn't the 'grocery store' part of this challenge kind of obvious--BE CREATIVE!  Oy.  I'm not a designer, but in the immortal words of Gob Bluth, 'Come ON!'
My prediction:  Kelli for the win. Hook and eye closures made from notebooks? Stop it.