the neverending story

The NeverEnding Story is on tv right now...and I can't help but watch it. I don't think I've seen it since the mid 80s, when it was originally released, and I remember it being really sad and scary...and now I see why I remember it that way. It is sad! It is scary! But what a wonderful story...

Bastian, a human boy who has lost his mother, finds an antique book and, in reading it, has a chance to save a fantasy world from the nothing--the emptiness that's left when people lose hope and lose track of their dreams. Through the story of Atreyu, a young boy hero, Bastian becomes connected to Fantasia, a world filled with wonderful characters and charming creatures. Over the course of the movie, it becomes clear that Bastian's imagination is the key to saving the fantasy world.

The best part? To save the world, Bastian must read a book all the way to the end.

What an awesome concept!

Yeah, the movie is cheaply made, with some ridiculously bad sound editing and laughable special effects...but, just like I did when I was six and watched it for the first time, I find myself overlooking all that in favor of believing that the imagination...and books...can conquer all.