live every week like it's shark week!

eric's in california visiting family, which leaves me home alone with the dog and a captive audience for our viciously distracting TV.  It doesn't help that it's shark week on the discovery channel...which makes the TV even more distracting, because I'm such a sucker for nature documentaries in HD!  Fun Fact:  It's the 20th anniversary of Shark Week! 

of course, last night, I watched Ocean of Fear (I think that's what it's called)--a half-documentary, half-recreation of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in the Philippine Sea.  900 seamen jumped the sinking ship during WWII, and only 317 were rescued days later--because of what Discovery calls "the worst shark attack in history."  Wow.  
something about me...I'm terrified of cruise ships.  Have been since I was little--which I attribute to my dad allowing me to watch the Poiseidon Adventure one too many times as a kid. Now, when I see them docked at the Brooklyn Pier, I can feel my heart race.  I just hate the idea of being on them--because I'm terrified of them sinking.  "Do I feel about this about all sea vessels?" you ask?  Nope.  In fact, I love boats.  
but this shark week report has succeeded in giving me one more (and very good) reason to stay off large boats in warm waters.  If it's not enough that it might flip over and I might have to climb a Christmas Tree with Gene Hackman (watch the movie--so scary!), I might get eaten by sharks!  forget it.  no cruises for me.