brothers & sports; breaking news & sisters

i make no secret of the fact that i am a throughly adoring fan of Brothers & Sisters...i think it does a fantastic way of portraying the complete craziness that comes with being a part of a family...nagging mother, neurotic sisters, gossipy siblings...all things that come with big, ridiculous families. eric finds it over the top and is uncomfortable even watching, but then he listens to me on the phone with my sister after my mom drives us crazy...or on the phone with my mom when my sister drives me crazy...and he sees that life really does imitate art. or is it the other way around?

anyway...i missed several episodes of B&S this season because I was on my honeymoon (i know...not a good reason to garner sympathy) but i've actually been rewarded by the writers strike (i'm the only one, i'm thinking) because they're rerunning all the episodes I missed. But...since Eric is so opposed to AWESOME tv, i have to watch it when he's not around. So I record it on Sundays and watch it the first chance I get during the week, when he's not home. In this case, that chance was this morning...because I have MLK Day off and he doesn't.

So...this morning I got up, took the dog out, got under a warm blanket and watched what was guaranteed to be the most tearjerking (not that i don't cry at almost every episode)--the one where Justin comes home from Iraq, injured. 10 minutes into the episode, WABC (my local ABC channel) cuts in with Breaking News. The Giants are going to the Super Bowl. As a New Yorker, I'm happy about this, sure. But couldn't we have just run that news across the bottom of the screen? I would have read it, smiled, and gone back to watching my pictures. :) Instead, we had 10 minutes of coverage, interviews from Green Bay (where they played) and NYC (where people are excited).

Now...I appreciate this is big news for Giants fans...but I ask you...what Giants fan (who needs to know immediately if his or her team is Super Bowl-bound) is watching Brothers & Sisters in rerun instead of the football game itself? It's just not logical. If I cared enough to waste 15 minutes of valuable Brothers & Sisters watching color commentary of a football game I didn't watch, wouldn't I have watched the game???? Yes. I would have. Instead, I was watching dreamy, witty Matthew Rhys and was quite unfortunately interrupted. Boo.

Boo. I say.