Anne Mallory's Seven Secrets and Nine Rules!

I'm so thrilled to finally be able to host and celebrate my friend Anne Mallory here on the blog! Anne has been one of my favorite authors for ages, so when I was luckily seated on a bus with her at last year's RWA, it was clearly fate!

Anne's fabulous...and her recent release, Seven Secrets of Seduction (you know how I feel about books with numbers and alliteration in the titles!) is incredible...the heroine, Miranda, is a brilliant bookseller, and the hero, Maximillian, is a stunningly hot Viscount.  Throw in an erotic text and you've got yourself the makings of one heckuva romance! Go get it. Now.

Miranda and her Viscount are over on the Avon Blog today sharing their seven secrets, but I'm lucky enough to host Miranda's BFF, Georgette to share her own secrets - and rules! (I love Georgette...and wish she was my BFF.)

Georgette Monroe's Seven Secrets for helping one's best friend find the right man.

#1: Don't let your friend's shyness inhibit her. Push her to take risks.

#2: Peruse the gossip columns for possible matches. The more times a man's name appears, the better.

#3: When you find a good match, give your friend a gentle shove. Two, if needed.

#4: Stress that a woman's appearance is important, but it's what is underneath that counts.

#5: Let her know a sprig of lavender tucked into one's unmentionables will help him discover what is underneath.

#6: Peruse the gossip columns some more. The more times *her* name now appears, the better.

#7: No matter what happens in the course of her courtship, always be there for her.

...and make sure, whatever you do, that you don't forget #1.

And in order to help celebrate Nine Rules....

Georgette Monroe's Nine Rules for nabbing a man for herself:

#1: Wear the perfect bonnet.

#2: Read the gossip columns - avidly.

#3: Learn what a "wile" actually is.

#4: Walk in the park - frequently.

#5: Make the men on their horses lean down to admire the curve of your lips.

#6: Never underestimate the power of a good pair of shoulders on a man.

#7: Never underestimate the young, gangly shop clerk. In a few years, he very well might be the experienced, utterly *sinful* shop clerk.

#8: After dazzling him with your smile, make sure he dazzles you with his head and heart.

#9: And whatever you do...make sure that you don't forget #1.


Ok!  Giveaway time!  Anne has offered up a signed copy of Seven Secrets of Seduction...share your secret weapon for seducing/romancing in the comments (with your email address!) and she'll choose the best one on Wednesday to win the book!

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