Eleven Songs that Helped Write Eleven Scandals

There is no question that music is connected to creativity. I like to think that it’s not a coincidence that the root of the word music is muse. ASIDE: Don’t believe me? Check it: According to my trusty etymonline.com, music evolved into English in the mid-13c., from 12th Century Old French (musique) and, further back, Latin (musica) and, ultimately the Greek, mousike techne, meaning "the art of the Muses.” Have I mentioned recently how much I love etymology?

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Me and music. Now . . . what you may not know is that Eric is a musician and, frankly, something of a snob about all those notes and frets and clefts and whatever else. He plays like, 12 instruments, including this thing. And he likes to judge me harshly for my taste in music (mainly because of these guys, but not a little bit because I own this album. And this one).

I’m sure I’m not alone in this . . . I’m sure that somewhere out there, at least one or two of you has a partner who likes to mock your undying affection for the Barenaked Ladies. Or, fill in the blank with the artist of your choice.

To them I say, “Whatever.”

Because, the truth is, your muse is who he/she/it is. And for me, my muse shifts and evolves and shows herself through odd and completely unpredictable music with each book. For The Season, it was Strauss. For Nine, it was Jason Mraz and The Barber of Seville. For Ten, Brett Dennen and Mozart. And for Eleven . . . it was just weird.

And so I give you, Eleven Songs that Helped Me Write Eleven Scandals:

1)   Carla Bruni, Quelqu-un m’a dit

2)   Colin Hay, Beautiful World

3)   Beethoven’s Piano Concerto #5 in E flat

4)   Ani Difranco, 32 Flavors

5)   Train, Meet Virginia

6)   Dave Matthews, Crash

7)   Mozart’s Horn Concerto #3

8)   Cibelle, Minha Nequinha

9)   Jack Johnson, Better Together

10)  Barenaked Ladies, One Week

11)  Ravel's Bolero

I like to imagine that my muse has dinner with all these people periodically. And then I get a good chuckle at the idea of Ani Difranco and Mozart having dinner together. I mean, really. What on earth is that conversation like?

And now you’ve had a little glimpse into my crazy world. So . . . tell me . . . who is your muse hanging out with these days? An artist? A composer? A specific song? Share below in comments for a chance to win a mixed CD from my muse and me!

I'll choose a winner at random on Friday.

BREAKING NEWS: Eric has now read this post and says he will add in a CD of music that is "actually good." So, there you go. Now you really want to win. But watch out. This CD might get weird.