uhm...caption please?

Ok...this morning i groggily stumble out of bed (oh, how i loathe you, saturday appointments) and check CNN for news of Hurricane Ike. I spent the lion's share of last night watching my boyfriend weather the storm in Houston, and wanted to make sure he's ok. (Yes...I know...Eric says it all the time... "Sarah, a major storm is ruining people's livelihood and you're concerned for the safety of the rich, white prettyboy." Whatever. I like Chuck Bass too.) But I digress.

No sooner does the page load than this photo appears:


Uhm...correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this seem like a caption-required photograph? Let's leave aside for a moment that if this man is FLYING through the AIR, the photographer must be a) extremely heavy, b) in an above ground bunker, or c) Aquaman (But Spiderman had the lock on photographer by day, so I think it's more likely that it's a or b). But who is this guy? Why is he flying through the air? Why is he out in the middle of a hurricane wearing a muscleshirt and birkenstocks? and perhaps most importantly, WHY IS THERE NO CAPTION ON THIS PHOTO???

Ugh. C'mon, CNN. What are we, amateurs?