Make the Holdiays Awesome. Give Books!

Inspired by Sarah Ockler's Buy a Book, Save the World post, I am feeling the love for book buying for Holidays. One of the things I like best about Amazon is preordering. You pop a bunch of books in your cart, enter your credit card info, and get charged as they honor of the Holiday Season, I present:

The Official Sarah MacLean Recommends book-of-the-month club! Pre-order these upcoming novels for the teen (or the YA lover) in your life, pop in your credit card info, and get charged as they ship, one a month, through the next six months! Christmas shopping list, complete!

January 2009: Is there anything better than an Anna Godbersen book to wile away the cold, sad, post-festive days of January? Take it from me, there isn't. Start 2009 with Envy: A Luxe Novel . That's how I'll be starting mine. And because there's no cover yet on the Amazon page for Envy, I shall tempt you with a link to it. Are you kidding me? WHO DOESN'T WANT TO READ THAT BOOK?

February 2009:
Do you long for the days of spine-tingling ghost stories that scared the bejeesus out of you? Long no longer! Pre-Order Saundra Mitchell's Shadowed Summer and spend February sleeping with the lights on!

March 2009: Ok. I'm torn. Because, as you know, my book comes out in I would really like to recommend you preorder that. HOWEVER. There is another, AMAZING book that is making its debut just 10 days after mine. And I promise you, Carrie Ryan's The Forest of Hands and Teeth is going to be THE YA book to read this Spring. Perhaps you could just read The Season quickly? ;)

April 2009:
It doesn't get better than Lisa Ann Sandell's newest book, A Map Of The Known World. I'm serious. Lisa's written a stunning book that reminds us of the two things that make life and love. A must buy for the girls on your list.

May 2009:
Ok...Sarah Cross is my hero. She's written a book that is so clever, so funny, so...well...perfect that I don't quite know how I would have been able to wait until May for Dull Boy. Luckily, I didn't have to. First line of the blurb will suck you right in: Superpowers are awesome - unless you actually have them, like Avery does. Uhm...yes. I must read that.

June 2009:
June gets two for the girls, and one for those who think girly books are, well, girly. Plus, they're both written by Sarahs. So how could I choose?

Sarah Ockler...yes, the muse of this also an amazing author. I know this because I just finished an ARC of the incredible Twenty Boy Summer, which is, you heard it here first, going to rake in the awards in 2009. Don't be the only one who hasn't read it. That would make you very uncool.

Also coming in June is the long awaited The Demon's Lexicon, by the incredible Sarah Rees Brennan. Demons + Magic + Hot boys with talismans and swords = yes, please.

This is just a sampling of the amazing books (Like Aprilynne Pike's Wings, Aimee Friedman's Sea Change, and dozens more from the 2009 Debutantes) that are coming throughout the first half of 2009...not to mention the hundreds ALREADY out that I'd love to recommend...stay tuned for more recommendations in the coming weeks and months!

What's on your list of books that must be given as gifts this year?