Time for Cross Talk

So, it's official! I've finished the revisions on the second book in the Rules of Scoundrel's series--One Good Earl Deserves A Lover, Cross's book, and there's an official release date -- January 29, 2013. I'm so SO excited about this book -- I knew when I met Cross and Pippa in A Rogue By Any Other Name that they were going to be an incredibly fun couple to write, but I had no idea how much I would end up loving them both...together and separately. Cross is a beautifully tortured hero, possibly the Scoundrel with the most emotionally devastating past. And Pippa...well she's the only woman I could really imagine being able to save him and his brilliant mind.

I also can't help but tell you that the cover for the book I am affectionately calling Earl is the most beautiful romance cover I've ever seen, and I cannot wait to reveal it to you, along with the first line of the book, when I get permission from my publisher! For now, I thought I'd give you some pictures of my real-life inspiration for Cross--ginger-haired model, Johnny Harrington (even though Cross doesn't have a beard).

Now, of course, I'm on to Temple's story -- Temple who is the opposite of quiet, perfect, cerebral Cross. Temple is all physical--massive, brutally intense and wickedly sexual. He's raising the already-high summer temperatures here in Brooklyn! More to come on that book, as well, including the reveal of the title...but for now, one teaser of inspiration for my broken-nosed, bare-knuckle boxer: