The Raider Barbie? OH. MY. Yes!

How did I not know until this very moment that Mattel once put out a collectors' edition Barbie & Ken as characters from Jude Deveraux's The Raider?

Why did no one tell me this??? And, more importantly, why has no one thought to gift me with this AMAZING thing???

First, I do not hide the fact that Jude Deveraux is one of the writers (if not, THE writer) who made me want to be a romance novelist...and The Raider, starring Jessica Taggert and Alexander Montgomery in a Scarlet Pimpernel style spy story/romance/old school AWESOMENESS, is one of my favorites of hers (after The Black Lyon, which I will be discussing in detail in September).

But...but...Ken as Alex!!! Barbie as Jessica!!! I mean...SERIOUSLY?

Seriously. And check out this description!!

This giftset features Barbie® and Ken® dolls as romance novel characters. Barbie® doll wears a violet blue dress that falls off her shoulders with a neckline trimmed in white lace and the violet blue taffeta bodice is boned and fitted. It laces up the front in lilac satin ribbon to finish in a bow just under the bust. An overskirt of periwinkle chiffon is pulled up at the left hip to reveal a very full underskirt of violet blue floral jacquard. A sash of teal iridescent chiffon falls around the edge of the overskirt. A small bouquet of lilac and white flowers covers the area where the two chiffon fabrics come together. She has long blond tousled hair. Ken® doll has long brown windswept hair. He is wearing a sheer white cotton shirt and tight black pants accented with a black belt. Black knee high cuffed and buckled boots complete his ruggedly handsome look.

I have so many questions!! How did Mattel decide to make a romance novel collectors' edition? Is Ken wearing makeup? Why is Ken trademarked?! Do men the world over have to pay rights on their name? How did they choose The Raider? And did Jude plotz when she heard about this (for the record, I would totally plotz)?

But, most importantly, why is this not still a thing?? Why can't I get Barbies of Devil & Honoria, or Josie & Mayne, or Fallon & Dominic?!? Then I could invite my friends over and we could PLAY BARBIES. WITH DEVIL CYNSTER (Aside: You can bet I'll be taking off all of Ken's clothes on that one).

UPDATE: Yes. Ken is wearing makeup! *And* he appears to have a 5 o'clock shadow! Who says Barbies are unrealistic! This is totally how romance heroes look! Check out this glamour shot!

Ok,'s the question...if you could have ANY romance novel couple in doll form, who would it be? And would there be special features or props that the dolls would need to have? Tell me in comments!