How are Blond Men like Unicorns?

The book I'm working on right now has a blond hero.

Those of you who have read The Season will remember that my very first hero--the boy of my heart, Gavin, Lord Blackmoor--is a blond.  And he's charming and funny and based, loosely, on a collection of boys who I grew up with (and one whom I married), who were all blondes.

But this time, I'm writing about a man.  And he's golden-haired and beautiful and all man.  But here's the thing: There aren't that many gorgeous, manly blonds out there to serve as muses for this hero.  I don't really need them right now, because he's gorgeous and real in my mind and I'm half-in love with him (and if all goes well, will be fully in love with him before the month is out), but there's a line from Weeds that keeps popping into my head: one character says about another (who happens to be played by my first blond crush, Matthew Modine), "What grown man has hair that color?"

It's not easy to come up with a list of blond hunks...why is that?

So, who are your favorite blond male-muses? I'll go first:

The dreamy Paul Bettany, who won my heart in that incredible leather coat in 
A Knight's Tale, and never gave it back.  
(Fun fact: He lives in my neighborhood, and yes...
I have gone mute in his presence at the Indie Bookstore.) 

The original blond hunk, Mr. Robert Redford, who still has it after all these years. 

But my hero, right now, looks like a much-blonder version of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (star of New Amsterdam, a short-lived TV show that I'm pretty sure I was the only person who watched):

I am missing a bunch, I'm sure...but...who?